Still Truckin’

It’s been months, but I’m still here! I’ve been consistently tracking my food, and making healthier choices. Even though I haven’t made it to the gym in over a month, my diet has been keeping me healthy. As of this morning, I weigh 172.2 lbs.


I’m keeping this update short and sweet. I have a few posts lined up, but feel free to comment or email and tell me what you want to see.

And no matter what, keep going!

One year in…

A year ago today I started a new lifestyle. I picked up new habits and told myself I wasn’t in it for weightloss, but weightloss would be a side effect of the new lifestyle I was living. It’s been hard, but got easier. But one if the main things I had to (and still have to sometimes) tell myself is it will take time! Anything done quickly has always failed me. It’s taken me a year, but I have now lost 71 pounds.

I THINK I have 34 more pounds to lose, but if my body decides enough is enough, I will not sweat it. I will keep living this lifestyle and making the best decisions for my health. The weightloss is a side effect of me caring about me. =)

It’s 2019! What are you going to do about it?

On December 30th, I weighed in at 199. I can’t begin to tell you how happy I am to finally see a ONE on the scale. I’ve continued a nice downward trend on the scale since (in the ounces department) and I can’t wait to reach the 180s.

My 2018 was incredible. Toward the end of the year, I started thinking that I hadn’t lost as much weight as I wanted to lose. I felt a little down, like I had worked really hard for not the extreme results that I wanted. I even came on here to write a post about how sad I was that I hadn’t reached an 80 pound or 90 pound loss after 11 months.

I ended up trashing the post. I haven’t taken a picture in a while because I don’t feel like much is changing even though the number on the scale is continuing to go down. So I took one and I put it next to a picture of me from only a month or two ago, and realized that even though not much seems to be changing, there really are differences in the photos. I’ll be taking my measurements today so that I can have another way to compare the differences.

I finished my calendar, and am pretty impressed by it. Even if I am not where I want to be, I am so thankful that I am not where I was before.

Life happened some months. And I didn’t get to stay as diligent about what I ate, but I always bounced back. And because of that, I was able to maintain a loss of about 1.3 pounds per week. Looking back, I can see why I didn’t feel there were noticeable changes. 1.3 pounds doesn’t seem like a lot until you look at it over a distance. But 1.3 pounds a week turned into an amazing 66 pound loss in 11 months. It turned into going from a size 24 wide, to a size 14! It turned into me feeling so much better about myself and my health.

At first I wasn’t going to make a New Year’s resolution. But I decided to go ahead and do that. I want to lose this last 30 or so pounds by June. I want to confidently throw out all of my big clothes, and replace them with things that make me feel comfortable and healthy.

Since I reached my goals for 2018, I am confident that this year is going to be even better. If you have any resolutions, you can drop them below or send me an email. I love chatting and helping people on their journeys.

Let’s get motivated…

It ALWAYS happens. You get going. The pounds are melting off. You feel FANTASTIC.

Then there it is. The stall. The dreaded plateau. What can you do when all your motivation just disappears?

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I know that sounds odd. If you aren’t motivated, why would you want to continue what you’ve been doing? BECAUSE. That’s why.

I do not give myself the option to fail.

I arm myself for success. Have all the right foods and drinks on hand. I don’t keep junk food inside. I don’t keep extra cash on hand in case I want to run through a drive thru. I keep myself surrounded by good choices, so that when I am tempted to make a bad one, I have to work extra for it. And if I have NO motivation in the first place, why would I want to work extra to make a bad choice? (I wouldn’t.)

I do not give myself the option to fail.

I have come to a place in my mind where what I am doing now is for life. It won’t stop after I lose a certain amount of weight. It won’t stop when I finally fit in to my favorite outfit. It won’t stop when I come home from my vacation this summer. IT WON’T STOP. My “bad days” or “cheat days” are not the norm. They are there when I need them, but they are not the way I will spend my days.

In case I haven’t mentioned this, I do not give myself the option to fail.

Motivation is a fickle thing. It will come and go. If you are desperate for a cheat day; a day where you want to eat anything and everything in sight, then do it. But tomorrow? Pick up where you left off.

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Let me put it this way. (And this is legit how I see this!)

Am I EVER motivated to take out my trash? No. But what happens when I don’t? It overflows, it smells, the dog takes a sudden interest in it and you can guess what happens then. So I do it.

Am I EVER motivated to stop what I am doing during my crazy, busy day and put gas in my car? No. But what happens when I don’t? Well, you know.

Am I ALWAYS motivated to eat the right foods and work out? Not always. But what happens when I don’t? I feel gross. I feel sick. I undo the progress I’ve worked so hard for. Progress that in a few hours, days, or weeks… I will be so upset that I didn’t keep up with. The self loathing will return. The disappointment in myself will return. The weight that I was so happy to have lost will return (and it will bring friends!)

I do not give myself the option to fail. Because if I do, I will fail.

Are you a normal person, unlike me, and need some tips and tricks to keep on top of your weightloss journey? Here are some things that I do to keep it fun!


Track my pounds lost. Below is just a simple document I made on my phone. I typed all the numbers up, beginning with my starting weight. Each week or so, I would use my editor to mark out each pound I shedded. You could put a sticker of emoji over your numbers as well. This is SUPER motivating if you need a visual representation of your journey.




Take progress pictures! Even at your “before” weight, it is very important that you take a lot of photos. Take them in different outfits, in different poses, with focus on different areas. You will be SO glad you did. Here is one of mine from recently. (I take more revealing photos but I’m not sharing those!)



Tell your friends! I’ve said this once before, but I will touch on it again. If you have a friend or group of friends who are also wanting to lose weight or just live a healthier lifestyle, join them! Get a gym buddy. Find a pal who will love to send you pictures of their plates every day, and who will be glad to get pictures of yours. This can be very motivating. I don’t really have a lot of friends, so my sisters are my go-to weightloss buddies. I also join online forums.


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Whatever you must do to find your motivation, it is always important to have the right mind set. I tell myself almost every morning. JUST DO IT ANYWAY!

Chicken… Pizza?

Here is another EASY and healthy meal idea for you!

Chicken Pizza!

All you do is take a chicken breast (mine are the Harvest Land prepackaged 4 oz breasts) and bake it at 400° for 25 minutes. Flip it over, then bake it for a few more minutes. After that, I take it out, add 1/3 cup of shredded cheese, plus 6 pepperoni. I sprinkle a little bit of oregano. Put it back in the oven until the cheese melts.

I dipped mine in a little bit of fat free ranch, but I’ll be trying pizza sauce next time.

Here are the details. Enjoy!

My Go-to Egg Salad Dinner

One my favorite go-to meals is a classic Egg Salad! I’m a terrible cook (and I am not just saying that…), so when I manage to find a recipe I can make well, I make it over and over again. When I get bored with that recipe, well… Commence kitchen nightmare till I get it right again.

Anyway. Egg Salad!

First off, eggs are probably my favorite food. They are full of good fat, protein, and chickens poop them out. Just cool. And they taste good, too.

A close second in the favorites department are these Ole Extreme Wellness Tortillas. (I get mine at good ole Wal*Mart.)

For this Egg Salad dish, I slice two of these up into 8 pieces each, and bake them until crispy (but not too crispy). I put a little salt on them too. They are delicious and healthy, and pair perfectly with the egg salad.

For the egg salad itself, I chop up three hard-boiled eggs, add 2 tablespoons of Lite Mayo, a little bit of mustard, and a little bit of creamy brown mustard. Whip it together (salt and pepper to taste), then ta-da!

Here are the specifics. Enjoy!

Got a recipe you think I can handle? Drop it in an email or leave a comment. I’m up for the challenge!

Life After a Cheat Meal

One of the hard parts about living a healthy lifestyle is getting back on track after taking a day off. Thanksgiving, for example!

The cool thing about Intermittent Fasting is that you don’t really have to follow a strict diet for it to work for you. Yes, I track my calories (I use Myfitnesspal) and yes, I make overall healthy choices. But the point is to go a longer amount of time without eating to allow our bodies to tap into our stored fat for energy.

This was especially awesome for me on Thanksgiving. After 1 o’clock, I was able to indulge, eat a little extra, and even have some sweets (which I haven’t had since January!). Sure I was sick as a dog for a couple hours, but I never had to feel guilty for “cheating” on my diet. Because that is my “diet.” I live my life making mostly healthy choices, but I still have fun.

The day after, however, was a little tougher than normal. (Thank you, pumpkin pie!) I felt a little bloated and sluggish. And very thirsty. I made sure to drink lots of water and kept my meals super lean. Within 24 hours, I felt back to myself.

When I know I’m going to be eating a bit heavier than normal, I make sure the day after is busy. If my mind is on errands or family outings versus the foods I’d eaten or the way I feel, it seems to pass much faster.

Another method that works for me is simply extending my fasting the next day.

My typical fasting period is 18 hours. I usually eat at 1 p.m. each day, but some days (especially after a cheat meal), I wait an extra 2 hours before I eat. The day after Thanksgiving, for example, I broke my fast at 3 p.m. and ate my next/final meal just a few hours later at 6:30 p.m. This gave my body a couple extra hours to recover from the pumpkin pie. =)

I’d love to hear your methods for bouncing back. Drop me an email or leave a comment if you’d like!